RIF Case Study

With CargoDoc, RIF’s Customs Data Entry Tasks were Reduced by 85%!

Deep Cognition provides AI to understand and extract information from documents. SFL provides integration that takes extracted information and inserts it into CargoWise.

Company Overview

RIF, is an existing CargoWise One user established in Hong Kong in 1990. The company, named “Rockwood International Freight Limited” was adopted following an independent move from the original parent company. RIF Worldwide was established in the UK in 2002 and represented the first move by the company into the European market.


The company specializes in providing international transportation services, to and from all points in the world, via air, ocean and road. Their comprehensive global network has been established to meet their customers’ ever-changing needs.


In the consultation phase with RIF, it was established that they were not making full use of their CargoWise One System automations to move them to a Digital Forwarding space.


After a further consultation, new automations were recognized to digitally elevate RIF.


During the consulting phase, high business value items were identified and in order to provide a solution a full system gap analysis had to be performed. One of these areas identified were data entry processes.


A six-month project plan was then blueprinted to facilitate the automations to meet the business’s highest value requirements.

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