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Customs Data entry

Automate thousands of Customs documents into CargoWise within minutes, and reinvest the time saved into additional revenue generation.

Customs data entry can be time-consuming and costly. CargoDoc uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for the automation of Customs data entry process eliminating manual data entry.

Automating your Customs data entry will help you avoid any penalties and misdeclarations. Incorrect data errors could also lead to customs hold.

Save time of your operators spend on manual data entry and allow them to focus on more value adding tasks.

Our AI is capable of capturing data from commercial invoices and packing lists accurately allowing you to optimize your work force.

CargoDoc Customs Process Flow

Our technology is capable of

Understanding multiple languages – More than 50 languages

Extracting data from multiple formats – including excel format

Grouping lines by origin & HS codes

Identifies abbreviations / normalizes fields into CargoWise codes
Ex – Such as country codes & port codes

How long does it take for integration?






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Ready to automate your Customs data entry into CargoWise?
Ready to automate your Customs data entry into CargoWise?
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Thank You!