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AP Invoice

Automate your Accounts Payable (AP) Invoices Data Entry into CargoWise | CargoDoc

Automating your Accounts Payable (AP) Invoices has never been easier!

Automate thousands of Accounts Payable Invoices (AP Invoices) into CargoWise within minutes, and free up precious time for your Accounting Team to focus on more value added tasks.

Pay vendors the right amount in a timely manner and maintain good relationships with your stakeholders.

We are CargoWise certified partners with CargoWise Finance knowledge ensuring data accuracy.

CargoDoc can extract AP Invoices with or without provisions

✓ Easy reconciling of invoices to vendor statements for finance department

✓ Accuracy and timeously capturing of data ensures real time visibility of shipment file costs

✓ Under recovery of shipment costs is easily identified and can be recovered in time from the client.

✓ Assisting procurement to negotiate better rates per trade lane.

✓ Increase overall productivity and profitability of the business by spending more time analyzing shipment file data than capturing data.

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Ready to automate your AP Invoice data entry into CargoWise?
Ready to automate your AP Invoice data entry into CargoWise?
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Thank You!